Google Adsense Won’t Approve Your Blog? Try This Steps!

When I first started out my blogging carrier, the first and only method I was told to monetize my blog was Google Adsense. Yes! I have been using Google adsense to monetize my blogs for many years now and to be honest with you guys, I sure love every moment with them 😀 . Millions of blogs today uses Google adsense to monetize their blog. Any advance blogger would also advice any newbie blogger to start with adsense in the mean time until they find a greater or best alternative that favors them.

Back then when I applied for my Google adsense account, i got approved almost immediately. Then, you can apply for an account and get almost instant approval but now, the process is becoming even tighter, right? In recent times, if you apply for the adsense program it will take you like forever to get approved and at times, you might get unlucky and they’ll have to turn you down which I feel is bad.


It is only few bloggers, website owners that are being approved by the adsense team, so if you are trying to join the adsense world and have not been approved here is a post that will get them to approve you almost immediately 🙂 so put your worries behind you and follow the few and simple steps I am about to show you.


So what tools do you really need before you can get your adsense approved?

I have been asked this same question so many times and today, I am given you a straight forward answer to the question. So here we go guys… what you need to get your adsense approved;

√ A Blogger blog account

√ 22 blog content (articles)

Do you have the above requirements? If “yes”, let’s proceed to the main step and if “No”, go get your self the requirements.

If you don’t have a blogger blog you can get one now by creating an account here, but if you already have one go to your dashboard and paste the articles you have.

Remember: Do not copy and paste contents that are outside your domain (copy and paste) or they might reject your account.

If you have pasted the entire 22 or so articles, now will be the perfect time to apply for the Google adsense program.

Now go to your blogger dashboard and you’ll see 3 icons that looks exactly like the below image


Do you see the images? Now click on the arrow beside the “post list” and a drop down menu will appear like the image below


In the dropdown menu, click “Earnings” to take you to a mysterious page where you can configure your adsense for immediate approval 😀 Now in the new page that we are in, you’ll see something like the image below.


Now click “Get Started” to take you to Google adsense registration page where you’ll fill out the registration form accordingly. Every other process you’ll find in the registration page is self explanatory.

If you have completed your registration, they will send you an approval e-mail in an hour time or maybe 24hr (in some cases) but if your post is below that figure, they will send you an  email that “you have insufficient contents” so make sure the article is more than 22.

Note: I have done this process countless of times for friends and clients and it is working 100%. So go give it a try and tell me how it goes for you but whatever happens, please do leave a comment if you succeed or not and we’ll know how to put you through.


Are you using Google adsense to monetize your blog? If yes, what method did you use when you registered? Feel free to drop your lovely comments by using the comment box below.

If you’re not using the adsense program, please do let us know why and contribute to the post by using the comment box below

Do you still have questions that you would love to ask? Do you have some comments, contributions or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Please do feel free to drop them all by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, contributions and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated.

Google Adsense Won’t Approve Your Blog? Try This Steps!


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