Amy Hooper murder on True Crime Garage: Part 1 & 2 | Columbus Ohio

Here is Amy Hooper murder on True Crime Garage: Part 1 & 2 on | Columbus Ohio.

Amy Hooper murder happened in Columbus, Ohio in March 1992.



Amy Hooper murder on True Crime Garage lailasnews

Amy Hooper, a young woman is brutally attacked and killed in her home. To this day her killer remains at large.

Nic and the Captain take a look at the cold Columbus homicide case this week on True Crime Garage.

Amy Hooper murder

Amy Hooper was killed on the morning of Monday, March 9, 1992. Someone killed her, stabbed her and cracked her skull.

Her killer laid Amy’s naked body face up on the hardwood floor of her Lincoln Village apartment, then left what might have been a message.

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The killer took a wood-and-leather medallion — a heart painted in the colors of the African flag and a symbol known to represent the Rastafarian and black cultures — and loosely bound her hands with it.

It might have been the killer’s, or it could have been something Amy had lying around. It might mean nothing and simply could have been handy. Detectives don’t know, but they always have thought it could be a key to the case.

Detectives developed a theory early: Amy was a young white girl who almost exclusively dated black men. It was 1992, a less-tolerant, less-forgiving time. Someone, detectives surmised, didn’t care for her choice in men.

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There were several potential suspects — former boyfriends, old friends, former co-workers, neighborhood sex offenders. None panned out. A

my’s boyfriend at the time, a Bowling Green State University student, was cleared. Her roommate passed a lie-detector test. No one, it seemed, had a logical reason to hurt her.

DNA evidence from Amy Hooper’s crime scene exists. Police needs only a name to match it.

Here is Amy Hooper murder on True Crime Garage: Part 1 & 2:

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