SHRAP- The 254 Music Movement

SHRAP- The 254 Music Movement



We introduce to everyone the new 254 movement SHRAP…

SHRAP is a term coined by combining SHENG and RAP and is a genre coined in Kenya when artists rap in English, Swahili and sheng.

The other day I took a road trip on the West coast and was playing the HHC show on Homeboyz radio (Saturdays 7pm-9pm) and all of my friends were amazed at the great music and artists that are coming out of the 254. In this 2019 music market, I’m a great believer in organic growth and not forcing the music onto folks. I have been listening to HHC for at least 3 years now and have been telling my friends about the show that play pure 100% Kenyan Hip hop. I’m a hip hop fanatic so I instantly gravitated to the show.

If you listen to Miss Ruby(@justrubyv) and Dj Andie(@djandie254) on HHC, then you know abvout the movement. Why lie, I have been an avid listener to the show and that is where I get up-close and personal to the the latest Kenyan Hip Hop

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