Get help worldwide- Tips On How you can make 120-200% monthly on your investments by getting help every week

Get help worldwide is a financial scheme designed to last forever. Among all the scheme available, it is the most reliable to invest on.

Get Help Worldwide is one of the World’s most organized Mutual Aid / Crowd Funding / Donation Exchange / Social Financial Platform, Programmed to last forever with innovative features. It came into Nigeria around august last year 2016 and it is more secured due to the following,

  1. Recommitment: every participant is given a maximum of 3days to re-donate after getting help, this keep the scheme moving and failure to do so leads to blocking of account.
  2. PH Amount: each participant is to re-donate the same or higher amount of the previously donated amount.
  3. There is no room for uploading fake proof of payment, if found guilty, you will be kicked out immediately.

Now let’s go to  the business of the day



How you can make 120% of your investment instead of 30% monthly using local currency and how you can make 200% instead of 50% monthly using bitcoin. This information am about to give you is a top one and no one will give it to you publicly if you did not register under the person but am going to give it out freely. Before you can use this tip you have to register an account with gethelpworldwide.

To register click here

Now let’s go….

After you register account with the link above, login and input your account details including a profile picture. The profile picture is necessary because it increases your credibility score and make sure you put your real profile picture and you can only be paid when you put a profile picture.

After all these been done, go to menu if you are using a phone but if computer check the left hand side and click on provide help, then click on new donation.


Now is the real deal..

Note that after you make your donation,  your growth must be up to 75% or above before you will be paired to pay.


Tip : make your donation.

After your first donation have grown up to 25% in about 7-8days then go and make another donation of same amount or higher. The reason is this, gethelp worldwide will only pair you to pay when your growth is up to 75% and above, after your first donation have grown to 25% the second donation will be 0%, then after another 7-8days when your second donation would have grown to 25% and your first donation 50%, make another donation that is third donation. Then after another 7-8days make a fourth donation, by then the first donation is at 75% growth, second donation 50% growth, third donation 25% growth and fourth donation 0%.

By then you will now be paired to pay for your first donation which have grown to 75% and after payment and confirmation you then allow to grow to 100%. After the first now grow to 100% go and click get help and you will be paid complete money both registration and due referral bonuses. By then your second donation will be 75% and you will be paired to pay again, then collect the profit from the first donated money you receive then pay for your second donation with your starting amount and by one week time you will receive the second payment.

This means you will be receiving every week and also paying every week.

Make sure you always donate when your last donation has grown up to 25%.

Repeat this process every week and see your bank account growing rapidly.

 To get started register for ge.t help worldwide here


If you have any question you can join the whatsapp group link here. We can always assist you to grow better when you join gethelp world wide by clicking any of the registration link on this website..

Join get help worldwide to be financially stable.

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