Google AdMob: How To Make 2,500€ / month with an App that gets 250 installs / day

Is it possible to make 2,500€ / month with an app that hardly gets 250 installs per day? Yes, it is! Among my partners and I have actually accomplished it with some apps generating income from with Google AdMob… Keep reading and discover how we did it.

Because the 2000’s I’ve been operating in online service; initially with sites and given that 2013 with apps, having actually released 200+ apps. Great deals of them haven’t exercised, however a few of them had, and I have actually certainly discovered a lot from all of them.



This is the very first of a series of posts, based upon my own experience, in which I’m going to share my methods to get installs and generate income with apps doing ASO and App Marketing. Those methods don’t always need to be paid, as it takes place with Facebook Advertisements or Google Advertising campaigns. On the contrary, we are attempting to invest the minimum and make the optimum possible of it.

“The app business is a business of volume”

It is typically stated that mobile app and video game service is a company of volume, primarily in those cases where business design is to provide advertisements. In order to generate income from and generate income it is needed to acquire a high quantity of installs / users and, for that reason, advertisement impressions. Another choice is to have a big volume of apps, and even if they don’t get lots of installs, all of them integrated will get great deals of impressions. After all, the more impressions we have – the more profits we’ll get with advertisements. Installs volume or apps volume, that’s the point. If we get both… Even much better 😉


“Niches” (market specific niches) have actually been talked about in the SEO / web world for a very long time now, however not in the ASO / apps world (although I spoke about it in this podcast in spanish). That’s the secret of this post, to find app specific niches that will permit us to generate income without a big variety of downloads.

There are subjects / specific niches in both App Shop and Google Play that are EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL (HIGH Google AdMob RPM) and have couple of competitors. This will let us make cash with apps that get less downloads and are undetected on the app shops, which is why they don’t appear in the app store rankings. Those specific niches aren’t enormous, to put it simply, they aren’t subjects of interest for the majority of the population (as it can be the case of a casual video game or e-commerce like Joom or Amazon). Nevertheless, in these specific niches, even if they have low or really low need, marketing is paid effectively:

Google AdMob RPM Evolution
Okay this RPM… And have a look at the 71,77€ peak

RPM = Income Per Mille

In today’s post we are visiting how to make around 2,500€ / month utilizing AdMob with an actually basic app, which is readily available on Google Play and gets a low volume of installs per day. However, I’m sure that doing some modifications it’s possible to increase the variety of downloads and the profits… I’ll inform you everything about it in future posts.

Today, let’s cut to the chase!

How to Make 2,500€ / month with an App & Google AdMob: Action by Action

IMPORTANT: I’m not going to share the name of the app nor the ASO keywords that I have actually worked with in the task. Everyone needs to have the ability to find their own specific niches and exploit them. I’m simply sharing my experience and methods, that have actually worked for some specific niches. Not all of them, as each app is a specific world…

The app we are discussing in this post isn’t a complex or innovative app at all. It’s a really basic Android app on Google Play, established in less than a week. Its classification is Financing (that’s the only hint I’m providing you :P) and ASO is the only work I’ve done with it. In regards to money making, I’ve utilized AdMob, Google’s mobile advertisement network. Why this network? It might be another one, however I especially like Advertisement Mob, as it advises me of AdSense, and I’m a defenseless romantic.

Presently the app gets 250-300 everyday downloads all around the world (practically all of them from Browse) and 40-100€ everyday revenues, depending upon AdMob’s RPM (it’s type of unpredictable) and the push notices sent out. The app has actually had 120€ / day peaks, not just due to the fact that it got more installs (although it occurred, too), however due to the fact that of an boost of the RPM.

Downloads according to Google Analytics:

App Installs - Google Analytics
Nobody would think that an app with so couple of downloads (250-300 / day) would make 2,500€ / month, right?

Download peaks of the chart represent days that cross-promotion projects have actually been triggered, or a social locker has actually been utilized… Keep checking out for more information about it!

AdMob’s profits of the app (last month):

Google AdMob App Revenue

And now, let’s take a better take a look at how we did it.

Background Notes

  • For keyword research study and optimization / tracking of the app’s ASO we’ve just utilized our app store keywords tool. At the end of the post you will discover a discount coupon to conserve some cash when you get it 😉
  • The app was released in the end of 2017, so it has actually been released for 8 or 9 months, basically.
  • The app is readily available in every nation and its listing has actually been equated into 75 languages.
  • We have actually invested 0€ in paid marketing (UA).
  • At some times I have actually utilized our APN (App Personal Network) and other totally free approaches to get more installs. Even more on I’ll inform you what is an “APN”.
  • The app has actually made 10,000€ given that it was released. It began gradually, however given that July 2018 it makes in between 2,000 and 3,000€ per month.

Action 1: Selecting a well-paid subject

This is the most crucial action. We require to be able to spot subjects with high need (variety of individuals browsing it) and well-paid. How do we spot if a subject or specific niche has need? Easy, with ASO tools like ours.

On the other hand, finding well-paid subjects is reasonably simple:

Why do we do this search? Due To The Fact That AdSense and AdMob are very first cousins and, likely (and in my experience that’s the case), subjects that are well-paid in AdSense are likewise well-paid in AdMob.

In this app’s case, I looked for a subject that’s really well-paid on web and, as I’ve seen up until now, it’s likewise well-paid on apps.

My suggestions? Look for subjects with high RPMs, attempt to release basic apps and examine outcomes. Duplicate what works. Eliminate what doesn’t.

Once we have actually selected the subject, the next action (Action 2) is to make the app. For instance, envision you select the subject “cooking recipes”. You would require to make an app, as basic as possible, that has cooking dishes. When we have our app all set to be released, we’ll begin with ASO.

Action 2: App and SDKs

As I’ve discussed previously, the app utilized on this experiment is a really basic app that does a really concrete job. There’s no point in “getting crazy” with the advancement and taking months to get it all set… The app consists of the following SDKs:

  • Google Analytics to determine user habits. This will assist us to see if our users tap where we require them to (occasions), time invested in the app, screens seen, active users, downloads per nation and more info.
  • Google AdMob to generate income from with advertisements, the formats utilized were banner and interstitial.
  • Sashido as MBaaS / Back-end to handle the app database in the cloud.
  • OneSignal to automate and send out segmented push notices. It’s totally free and truly cool.

I’m not going deeper into the technical / advancement field due to the fact that that’s not my thing.

Once we have the app established and we have a stunning APK, we publish it on Google Play Shop and release it… However not prior to we do ASO effectively (action 3).

Action 3: ASO (App Shop Optimization)

ASO is the procedure that assists us optimize our app’s success. Either due to the fact that it assists us get more natural and totally free downloads, or due to the fact that it assists us lower acquisition expenses (if we run paid marketing projects), or both. In the end, ASO assists us to make more cash.

There are great deals of methods to do ASO, it depends quite on the task, and everybody has its own, however I’m going to inform you how I do it and how I did it for this app in specific:

Keyword Research Study + Optimization

1.- Perhaps it’s a matter of routine, however I like doing ASO in United States English and localize it later on to the remainder of the languages / nations.

2.- Prior to utilizing any tools, I show up with a list of 5-10 keywords in English, associated to the selected subject.

3.- I search for those keywords on Google Play U.S.A. and gather the leading 5-10 apps that rank for each of the keywords. Moreover, I select the app with more downloads + rankings and I include it to TheTool. I’ll work with it to specify the keywords of my task. In the future you’ll comprehend why I do this.

4.- I utilize the Keyword Density tool in TheTool to examine the density of the app listings that I conserved in point 3 and I include the ones that are most associated to the subject (and item) and those which have one of the most density in the listing of the formerly included app. It doesn’t matter if they are rivals’ keywords (brand names), it will work for us to monitor them, although I WON’T work with them in the listing.

5.- Once I have 25-30 keywords included the U.S.A., I utilize the recommended keywords function (auto-complete) and the Keyword Suggest tool to spot more keywords, the majority of them mid and long-tail, and I include them, too:

Keywords Suggestions by TheTool
Keyword Tips by TheTool – Oops! Another hint…

Why do I work with recommendations of keywords from Google Play and choose to work with some (the majority of them) in my app’s listing? Extremely basic: Google Play recommends them due to the fact that they are browsed… And where there are searches, there are downloads 😉

6.- Once I have actually chosen 150-200 keywords for U.S.A. (English), it is time to work with every possible language. I won’t state excessive at this moment > you can read here more on how to optimize a listing on Google Play for ASO. Generally, you require to utilize the most crucial keywords in Title and Brief Description and play with the keywords density in Description. CRUCIAL: Make the listing in every language possible, to make your app readily available for an international audience. How? Don’t eliminate brain cells… Usage Google Equate to equate Title, Short Description and Description. After a long time, if a nation reveals great outcomes, you can work with a translation business / freelancer to make it more PRO and to rank even much better in that nation.

BEWARE: Producing the list of keywords in every language doesn’t indicate we need to keep an eye on all nations, we just require to keep an eye on the most crucial ones (or those that get more downloads).

Global ASO tracking
Keeping Track Of ASO in some nations (not all of them) – TheTool

These are the actions I require to make the ASO listing of an app.

When you have the shop listing all set in the language EN-US (English) and all the languages you chose to do, it’s the minute to release the app. If we have actually done our ASO effectively, in regards to listing, and we have the ability to get more installs even if of getting the app released in ALL NATIONS, we’ll generate income. If we didn’t, not. Without installs there’s no service.

Action 4: Cross Promo, Social Locker and Organic Downloads FTW

When the app is live, you may believe whatever is done, however it isn’t. Now it’s time to work.

Getting downloads is essential for any mobile service, and it’s likewise really beneficial to increase presence on the app shops. The more downloads, the much better ranking and presence. Besides, it will be truly difficult to get more rankings and feedback without downloads 😛

Our app will begin getting a couple of downloads once we released it, however it is insufficient to “fly”. Some years ago it sufficed, however not any longer.

We can get installs with Facebook Advertisements, Instagram Advertisements, Google Advertisements, Snapchat Advertisements, Twitter Advertisements, show networks, influencers… There are great deals of methods to get downloads, however without a doubt the one that interests us the most is the one that costs the less. That’s where the Cross Promo concerns play, as it enables our apps / video games household (APN) to get more downloads from another among our items, as long as they have a comparable or associated subject. On the contrary, Cross Promo won’t work that well… We have our own / native format for Cross Promo that doesn’t inhabit marketing slots and is handled with Sashido. Working with MBaaS is constantly great.

Apart from that, why shouldn’t we “block” among the areas (those that are more intriguing) of our app and ask to the user to welcome more individuals to download the app in order to unclog the area? If we do it right, it will be another source of installs. And totally free.

Once we begin getting downloads (and, for that reason, evaluations and rankings), our app will begin getting more presence in search, keywords will enhance their rankings and natural downloads will come:

Keyword Distribution
Keywords Rankings Development in U.S.A. given that the app was released – TheTool

Step 5: The value of Rankings and Evaluations

Besides downloads, user rankings and evaluations have a big effect on ASO. Not just do they increase presence in search, however they likewise impact Conversion Rate to Download. The more and much better rankings / evaluations, the more presence and downloads. Don’t forget that ASO = Traffic + Conversion.

The technique to request rankings and evaluations to users of an app is really basic: in this app we requested user’s feedback when he utilized it more than X times and has actually done a specific job more than Y times. Why? Due To The Fact That that method we ensure that the user communicates with our app and he’s happy. The better the users are, the much better.

I utilize X and Y due to the fact that I like to alter those variables from an MBaaS such as Sashido or any other service readily available on the marketplace (you can examine a few of them out here). That method, I can alter worths without needing to upgrade the app, and I can see the result those modifications have on what I’m doing.

Regrettably, there’s no magic formula that informs us in what minute we require to request user rankings. We need to do lots of tests to accomplish.

Here’s a screenshot of the app’s existing typical ranking:

App Average User Rating

And here you can see user rankings given that the app was released:

User Ratings History
User Rankings Development history – TheTool

Action 6: Pu$h Alerts

Press Alerts are a fantastic development! They let us interact with users when they don’t have our app opened to increase its usage. If we have the ability to send out notices effectively, our app will get more user sessions, more advertisement impressions and, for that reason, more profits.

In our case, I began by sending out handbook presses, in numerous languages, utilizing / not utilizing Emojis till I saw which had the much better open rate. After that, I automated it with OneSignal API and now… Presses work on their own!

Action 7: Generating Income From with Google AdMob

When we work with sites and AdSense, there’s an infinity of choices to include advertisements. In the app world and with AdMob it’s a bit various and, amongst all the existing formats, we choose classics: banner and interstitial (complete screen), and we don’t have much to state about area…

The very best carrying out format is, without a doubt, interstitial, however we can’t forget banner.

My technique in that element is really basic: banner in all app views (above or listed below, we require to evaluate it) and interstitial every X views. As I did with rankings and evaluations, I handle X from back-end. That method, I can evaluate and discover which is the maximum worth for profits.

Here’s a screenshot of the overall profits given that the app was released:

Trying To Find the Holy Grail of Google AdMob RPM…

The fact is that this app has a really high RPM in basic terms (you can see it at the start of this post), however if we take a look at it by nations we can discover easter eggs like:


Australia Google AdMob RPM


Google AdMob UK RPM

If you take a closer appearance, these nations make a considerable earnings with couple of impressions and a low variety of clicks, And they can still increase, for sure.

Well, well, have a look at Australia and UK… We’ll need to concentrate on them.

The RPM from the screenshots above most likely won’t scale, however it if we handle to increase the impressions volume, RPM sure will remain high 😉

Benefit: Backlinks

I stated prior to that I’m a digital marketing romantic. That’s why (and for other funny reasons) I like to get some links to all the apps and video games that I release. There are many ways to get backlinks, however the most efficient are media publications, start-ups board and working with PBN (Personal Blog Site Network).

In a Nutshell:

In essence, these are the actions to follow:

  • Action 1: Pick a specific niche
  • Action 2: Establish the app
  • Action 3: Do ASO and release on the Play Shop
  • Action 4: Get downloads
  • Step 5: Get rankings and evaluations
  • Action 6: Press Alerts technique
  • Action 7: Generate Income From

Conclusion – How to Make 2,500€ / month with an Android App & Google AdMob

It’s completely possible to spot apps’ specific niches that can be really lucrative with low installs volume, to make basic apps that permit us to get our own location in those specific niches and to make profits. In the end, often it’s everything about getting a high volume of apps. Keep In Mind that…

“The app business is a business of volume”

And here’s how to make 2,500€ / month utilizing AdMob with a really basic app that gets couple of downloads. What do you consider it? I am eagerly anticipating read your feedback in the remarks.

Will you share it? I would value it!

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