Footballer jailed after beating woman with iron bar

A footballer, Reece Thompson, has been jailed for 40 months for beating a woman with a iron bar and forcing her to eat paint.

Footballer jailed after beating woman with iron bar



The 25-year old also received a 10 year restraining order after he got convicted for damaging property and inflicting grevious bodily harm.

According to the victim who wishes to remain anonymous:

“Reece repeatedly hit me.

“He hit me with an iron bar, broke my jaw and smashed a mirror over my head.

“I was made to lick paint up off the floor and then he smashed another mirror over my head.

“It was when he picked up the second mirror that I thought I was going to die, I screamed for him to stop or he would kill me.

“He told me to get my arms down and take the beating like a real person.”

The footballer also threatened to make her run down the street naked, according to the victim.

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