YouTube star, PrankInvasion kisses his sister passionately – Video

The internet goes gaga just as YouTube star, PrankInvasion kisses his sister.

PI whose real names are Chris Monroe has made a name for himself on YouTube for his kissing ‘pranks’- but this latest prank has left the prank world and landed straight in WTF territory, Metro UK reports.


YouTube star, PrankInvasion kisses his sister passionately - Video lailasnews 3
YouTube star, PrankInvasion kisses his sister passionately – Video

In the vlogger’s latest video, he kisses a girl he claims to be his sister – and understandably, the internet is rather horrified. Chris – better known under the channel name PrankInvasion, fully snogged Kaitlyn O’Connor, who he assured viewers isn’t his full sister, but his half-sister, as if that makes things any better.

Promising his 3.7 million subscribers ‘something big’ after disappearing from his channel for six months due to a hack, Chris said he was going to get his sister to play one of his kissing games.

He said:

‘I’ve tried like, five times to ask her, but I’m so nervous, because she’s my sister and I don’t want her to think I’m crazy. ‘I feel like such a creep, I’ve literally been stalking my sister, upstairs, for like the past hour.’

Chris then goes up to Kaitlyn’s room before somehow getting her to agree to a game of rock, paper, scissors, with the rules being that if he wins, he gets to kiss her.

Her being his sister. Just so we’re clear. Kaitlyn says:

‘No stop, I don’t want to kiss you. I can’t kiss my brother’ – before leaning in for a peck.

However, that wasn’t enough, as Chris then began properly French kissing HIS SISTER. After the stomach-churning smooch, Kaitlyn said:

‘I never want to do that again’, while Chris quipped: ‘What I do for YouTube.’

He then promoted Kaitlyn’s modelling Instagram, because at this stage, why not tell the internet to go creep on your sister’s pictures?

The video has been viewed over 2 million times and, unsurprisingly, the reaction has not been great.

It has 86,000 dislikes in comparison to 17,000 likes, with the comment section flooded with disgust.

One person wrote:

‘100% The way you kept pulling her back for more… this was no prank… you were enjoying every bit of it…. gross’.

Another rightly commented:

‘I’m not sure this guy knows what the definition of “prank” is.’

Now, many viewers have noted it looks like he uses actors in some of his kissing pranks to play strangers on the street, so it could be that Kaitlyn isn’t actually related to him.

See Video:

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